Full Service

Service starts immediately. We will take care of all the details.No stress, no struggle, just fully enjoy your engagement time.

Month of Coordination

Service starts three weeks before your wedding day. We conduct the rehearsal, create a timeline, and coordinate your big day.



Birthday Party

We understand how important a birthday truly is. We will create a birthday that makes children and their families feel special.

Bar Mitzvahs

Because a bar-mitzvah is such an important and joyous milestone, we can help make the ceremony and celebration meaningful and fun.

Anniversary Party

Anniversary parties are special because they bring back fond memories of a couple's special day. We will host an event you’ll remember.




From finding the venue to coordinating the event, we provide all the resources and help.

Corporate Parties

Whether it is launch parties or holiday parties, we make it come true in a magical and unforgettable way.

Employee Fun Days

Employee Fun Days are a great opportunity to reward and recognize your hard-working employees. We will make these days fun and memorable. 

Based in San Francisco and New York

Serving the Bay Area, New York, and beyond

Tel: 412-519-7630

Wechat: 641003356

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